Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Three-Donut Vacation: XXXVI: Anticlimactic Conclusion- Sweetie and Chey's Darkest Hour?

Written 14 July, 2008

A Three-Donut Vacation

XXXVI: Anticlimactic Conclus
ion- Sweetie and Chey's Darkest Hour?

The teleplane hurtled toward the wormhole. I was holding it steady on course, barely able to see for the tears in my avatar eyes. My Sweetie was gone! Gone! Damn ImSoNotADiva Bartlett, every goddamn one of her!

“This is Captain Chey,” I said into the microphone. “Please prepare yourself for impact.”

The screams from the back of the aircraft intensified as the ground rushed up to meet us. I thought I saw a brief flash at the center of the wormhole. And then the Black Rose’s robots caught up to us—an unarmed civilian teleport craft—and killed us.

We didn’t die, of course. One doesn’t actually die in Second Life. That would be most improper. Instead, every avatar on the teleplane was sent to his or her home—all but the Divas still alive. Having no homes to go to and no Linden Lab accounts, they were simply deleted.

Our luggage didn’t come with us immediately, but Black Rose’s autoreturn eventually returned it.

I landed on Whimsy, whole in form and still fabulously coutured, but with a big hole in my heart. My Sweetie, my beautiful Sweetie, light of my life and center of my universe, was gone.

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