Wednesday, July 16, 2008

New Annoyances!

Written 15 July, 2008

New Annoyances

If the Nicholaz Eye Candy viewer included the ability to rez prims above 780 meters, it would be just about perfect.

I knew the problems I’m about to talk about aren’t viewer-side, because I’ve been using EC-E for months now, and most of what I’m about to list have only recently begun to happen. I suppose that means they’re bugs on the sim server or asset servers.

Here are some of the things I’m noticing. Most happen only sporadically:

I edit a prim and the Edit box comes up empty.

I click on a prim, but it isn’t selected.

Prims 20 or 30 meters away are almost impossible to select.

I move or resize a prim or one prim of a linked set and, by itself, it decides to return to its former position or size.

I select Undo and the selected prim doesn’t seem to move. Fifteen seconds or so later, it finally jumps to the new position.

I hit Escape to return to the default avatar view and my field of vision begins to rock toward and away from me, as if I’m focused on a clock pendulum, viewing from the side. Quite dizzifying.

Double teleports again.

Sound is sporadic. I don’t hear a lot of sounds I know are on the land and playing. Birdsongs, for instance.

My av sinks or rises slowly when I hover (this was fixed for a while, now it seems to be back).

When far-seeing, my view is grabbed and spun away to some underground location.

There is texture flicker on objects (like rugs) that are .005 or more above the floor.

M screen freezes up for as long as 30 seconds when media begins to play

Prims take as long as 10 seconds to rez or disappear when deleted.

Blue buy dialogues don’t come up sometimes, or come up only after a delay.

Notecards take a long time to load or don’t load at all.

Scripts sometimes won’t load.

Chat gets out of order.


I hate it when that happens!

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