Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ballet Pixelle

Written 28 July, 2008

Ballet Pixelle

Second Life is a wonderful place for the arts, but performing here is difficult. Simulator lag, crashes, delayed sound, griefers, idiots who chat in voice throughout the performance, and a ridiculousy low limit on avatars in one place makes theater, opera, and ballet problematic. But sometimes performance just works.

Last night Sweetie and I made our way to IBM III sim to Ballet Pixelle (formerly Second Life Ballet) to see a performance of Shuzenji, a ballet set in 1700s Japan.

There were perhaps 30 avatars present, but the stage was just across a sim line, so the dancers were able to move relatively easily. The show was wonderful: evocative, perfectly orchestrated, and, except for a slight problem with the set in Act II, flawlessly performed.

Kudos to Ballet Pixelle!

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