Saturday, January 19, 2008

Yes! Yes! Another Coat!

Written 19 January, 2008

Yes! Yes! Another Coat!

Just when you thought there was not another coat in all SL for me to possibly buy! Just when Pele's brief winter ended and the tropical sun had returned! Just when you thought my so-not-a-fashion-blog was going to be not about fashion-- it happened!

My friend Ramo teleported me this morning to artilleri to look at a coat.

It was a coat I had admired and had offered to buy for Sweetie, who believes one coat is more than enough for any avatar. She declined, and I fogot about it.

Until today. I bought the coat in black. Ramo bought it in pink and colored it red, since it was modifiable.

Which got me to thinking, I could use a nice burgundy coat. So I bought another.


I may make it snow again on Pele.

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Anonymous said...

Sweetie says....

(Scene: camera pans to right sweeping through the beautifully appointed House of 1000 Pleasures where Sweetie and Cheyenne dwell: Sound Sweetie's voice, slightly strident, can be heard coming from the bedroom area)

"Cheyenne!"" Can you come here for a minute hon?" silence. "CHEYENNE!" "The closet is trying to eat me!" "No it isn't," Cheyenne repied thoughtfully,"I havent written any avitar devouring wardrobe scripts yet... but what a great idea for a toy!" Cheyenne grabs her Ideas-from-Sweetie pad licks her pencil and begins making notes. "A voracious wardrobe would make a great addition to our "Dangerous!" toy line. I could even make it match the Well-of-death," cheyenne looks up at sweetie earnestly, "or do you think i should bundle it with the avatar barbecue since they are both sort of foodie oriented?"

Sweetie splays both arms across the doors of the closet and says sweetly, "Cheyenne..darling do you think possible , just maybe.. you could focus for a momennt on the fact that your five hundred scripted outerwear garments have muted into The-coat-that-ate-Manhattan and GET ME OUT OF HERE!" ARRRRGHHHH COATS GONE MAD, COATS GONE MAD, RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! @!@IU@(*%*^%$#(@^$(*&_