Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A Shape for Cillian

Cillian After with Fierce Patrol Look

(Courtesy of Eyes Sweetie Gave Him!)

Cillian After (Nice Buns!)

Cillian During

Cillian Before

Taking Cillian Shopping

Written 9 January, 2008

A Shape for Cillian

Once there was a poor little Italian boy. His name was Cillian.

Every night when we went to bed he would lie between the sheets and pray for a shape with his silver tongue. “Please, Dio, gracious creator of all light and joy,” he would say. “Give me a shape.”

Soon Cillian stopped going to bed at all. He and his 17 identical alts would spend their days and nights camping for Lindens. But shapes cost so very much money and he and his 17 identical alts made so very little money that he knew it would be a long, long, time before he could afford the shape of his dreams and become, like the dashing dramatic hero he knew himself to be, a ranger who wuild faithfully patrol the Italian sims of Second Life.

And then one day two beautifully coutured angelic creatures (that would be me and Sweetie) appeared and whisked him away to a wondrous place called The Body Politik, where he had a marvelous time trying on shapes until the clock struck twelve and his wonderful new shapes all disappeared, leaving him with his old shape.

But all was not lost. His fairy godsisters (for he is their Second Life brother) gave him $350L and bid him buy the Damien shape, and he did, and that problem with his eyes was fixed.

And they even gave him eyes, for his bright blue featureless orbs weren’t working for him..

And then his fairy godmothers dashed away, leaving poor Cillian feeling grateful and more than a little awestruck.

We hope.

And Cillian became a ranger and lived happily ever after.

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I'm Not Cillian..... ok ok.. that's me.... said...

Oh.. Poor Italian Avatar..
He surely have to know how lucky he is.. meeting two angels as sisters...

Well.. he surely looks better after Dynamic Duo's works on him.