Saturday, January 19, 2008

Revenge of the Coats: Postscript

Written 19 January, 2008

Revenge of the Coats: Postscript

Sweetie: Thank you for rescuing me from the mutated outwear, Darling.

Cheyenne: You're welcome, hon.

Sweetie (lying back in Chey's arms). That was a pretty good piece of writing, wasn't it?

Cheyenne: Yeah, and stream of consciousness at that!

You know, Cheyenne, I think we should foist those 500 mutated coats you've locked in the closet on I'mSoNotADiva Bartlett.

Chey: (Doubtfully) That was almost a year ago. I'm not sure our loyal readers will remember her.

Sweetie: (In shock) Are you kidding? Not remember the trial? The United States of America vs. Sweetie? (Puts her arms on her chest and gasps). Everyone remembers that!

Fade to black....

But just in case our readers don't remember, the URLs of this classic tale of high adventure and rebellion are posted on the left-hand column, just above the Blog Archive. The adventure begins with the last (bottom) item on the list, Teleportation Security Administration and progresses upwards.

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