Thursday, January 31, 2008

Trends in Second Life, 2008

Fashion No-Nos: Butt Skirt, Clackety Shoes, Bling, Oiled Skin

Written 12 January, 2008

Trends In Second Life, 2008

(This list was compiled with the help of and under the watchful eye of fashionista Sweetie)

And this is NOT a fashion blog!

In: Zero Style hair
Out: Clackety shoes

In: Mystitool
Out: Snurb-o-matic *

In: Your own sim
Out: Dreamland

In: Nicholaz Viewer
Out: “Entire Avatar” folders because of Hair up your butt

In: Windlight
Out: Mouse Moves Sun

In: Fyre and Defleur
Out: Callie Cline

In: Stylish retro clothes
Out: Butt skirts

In: Chunky, quirky jewelry
Out: Bling

In: Home-grown SL music
Out: Promo concerts by big RL bands and big corporations


Porcelain complexion
Out: Shiny oiled skin

In: Kitto Flora’s train and The Flying Tako
Out: Virtual BMWs

In: Manga avatars
Out: Hyperphotorealistic skins

In: Steampunk
Out: Gor

In: Houses of Worship
Out: Banks

In: Interactive games
Out: One-armed bandits

In: Well-designed mens’ clothing
Out: Shirtless men in tribal tattoos

In: Sculpty penis
Out: One Linden dick-in-a-box

In: Imagination
Out: XCite!

In: SL Erotica
Out: Avatar porn

In: Working for a living
Out: Camping

In: Age verification
Out: Age play

* The Snurb-o-Matic is an expensive in-world tool for making sculpted prims. Sweetie was unable to make it work properly, so she insisted it be included in this list. She promised Cheyenne she would refrain from criticizing her outfits for three days when the blog was posted.


Greg said...

Out: Shirtless men in tribal tattoos

I sincerely hope so

Cheyenne Palisades said...

We have it on good authority that Greg usually wears a shirt.

Anonymous said...

Hi Greg :)

~ Sweetie

Tycho Beresford said...

When I saw the sub-title of this entry was "Fashion No-Nos" I though "Uh, Oh; I'm about to be slammed!" But I actually have eight "In"s and only one "Out." I must be more fashionable than I thought!

Cheyenne Palisades said...

Tycho, you have GOT to get rid of that butt skirt!

Tycho Beresford said...

I'll get rid of my butt skirt when they pry it out of my cold, dead fingers!

Anonymous said...

sweetie wonders how a an avatar, stiff with cold dead fingers that once held a butt skirt could be put to good use on pele.

Hmm, a planter? so cliche. We could dress him in a smart tux and have him hold a serving tray... nah.. ah i know he can hold our surrender flag up to fool the ghosts on the pirate ship next door! oh very good ..... now how to cut his parachute cords so we can get to the dead part faster! sigh i keep forgetting you can't kill an avatar! rofl ;)