Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My Other Second Life Song

Written 22 January, 2008

My Other Second Life Song

It's been a while now since local water has disappeared in my viewer, but for months it was a fact of my Second Life. I would teleport, and there would be no water.

I can't remember the workaround, but there was a toggle, something you could switch on and off, and the water would come back.

It was during this time that I caged a melody that had been haunting me and Second Lifed it all up.

The song was John Stewart's Ghost Inside of Me, and I offer him my most abject apologies if I should ever perform the following:

Lyrics by Cheyenne Palisades

Ghost in a Machine

Oh, this second life I’m leading
From my first life I’m receding
To the grid I am proceeding
I’m a ghost in a machine

Oh, the property I’m buying
And the pose balls I am trying
How my love life has me crying
I’m a ghost in a machine


And it’s round
I think the Grid is breaking down
I am lagging, woe is me
And it’s down
Going down
Asset server’s
Offline now
I’m unable to TP

Oh, the Lindens I am spending
And the merchandise I’m vending
It’s no use even pretending
I’m not a ghost in a machine

Yes, this course that I am steering
For my first life has me fearing
My attachments disappearing
And I’m a ghost in a machine

Repeat Chorus

Oh, this Second Life obsession
Lifts me out of black depression
But I must make a small confession
I’m a ghost in a machine

I’m a ghost in a machine
I’m a ghost in a machine
Yes, we’re all ghosts in a machine


Anonymous said...

Hey :-) nice lyrics. In some parts so very true. Maybe you'd like to watch my SL blog : http://virtual-nomads.blogspot.com - It's about my own SL group and beautiful places in SL. Take care, bye

Cheyenne Palisades said...

Thanks for the link, Ivor! glad you liked the song!