Saturday, January 19, 2008

Revenge of the Coats

Written 19 January, 20008

Revenge of the Coats

By The One and Only Sweetie

This is a tale, an allegorical yarn about what happens to bad little avatars who purchase too many coats and then exercise their ego by writing about them constantly in their this-is-not-a-fashion-blog fashion blog.

(Scene: camera pans to right, sweeping through the beautifully-appointed House of 1000 Pleasures, where Sweetie and Cheyenne dwell. Sound: Sweetie's voice, slightly strident, can be heard coming from the bedroom area)

"Cheyenne! Can you come here for a minute, Hon?"


"CHEYENNE! The closet is trying to eat me!"

"No it isn't! I haven't written any avitar-devouring wardrobe scripts-- yet-- but what a great idea for a toy!" Cheyenne grabs her Ideas-From-Sweetie pad, licks her pencil, and begins making notes.

"A voracious wardrobe would make a great addition to our Dangerous Toy line. I could even make it match the Well-of-Death." Cheyenne looks up at Sweetie earnestly. "Or do you think i should bundle it with the avatar barbecue, since the're both sort of foodie-oriented?"

Sweetie splays both arms across the doors of the closet and says sweetly, but urgently, "Cheyenne-- Darling, do you think possibly, just maybe, you could focus for a moment on the fact that your five hundred scripted outerwear garments have been mutated by your incessant ego-stroking into The-Coat-That-Ate-Manhattan and GET ME OUT OF HERE BEFORE I'M THE FIRST AVATAR IN HISTORY TO BE DEVOURED BY A GARMENT!" ARRRRGHHHH, COATS GONE MAD, COATS GONE MAD, RUN FOR YOUR LIVES, SOMEBODY HIT SCRIPT RESET! @!@IU@(*%*^%$#(@^$(*&_

The moral of our tale: Being a fashionista is fabulous, but virtual vanity run amock can be (dramatic pause) deadly!

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