Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A Wonderful New Year's Eve

Written 2 January, 2008

A Wonderful New Year's Eve

I spent New Year's Eve in world, and it was wonderful!

Sweetie and I started our celebration about 4 pm LST by dressin gin our best masquerade costumes and going to a masked ball in Caledon. It was crowded and laggy, but since everyone was dancing, it wasn't bad once we jumped on dance balls. Thank you, brother Mordecai, for inviting us!

Afterward we went to Umbra Penumbra on the Esoterica sim, a great place with music that is a little, uh, out there. But the dance floor is crowded with great dances from Sine Wave, and the repartee is witty, and it's a fun place to dance. Sweetie says that dance floor brings out my inner slut. I don't know why she says that, since I was modestly clothed.

We spent some time at Bogart's on the Alegria sim, where Sweetie directed me to jump onto a pose ball that had her proposing to me. She was off of that one in a hurry, to be sure! Talk of partnering gives her sweats, and there she was on her knees to me!

Our friend Al Supercharge took us to a new place on the Princeton South sim called the DynaFleur Immersive Art Installation , which treated us to a somewhat psychedelic experience.

Some time during the evening we made our way to a Bill and Pam Havercamp concert, where I made up with a friend with whom I had had a falling out. It was the new Soft Shadows, where I always win big lindens on their balloon machine (it's like a 'Sploder, but skill-based, which makes it legal. You more balloons you pop, the bigger your winnings.

We finished the night back in Caledon, where we danced until the new year rang in our time zone (Eastern US). Then it was back to the House of 100o Pleasures.

Sweetie was ravishing in a gray dress she picked up at Prim & Proper and a feathered mask. I have never seen herlook so delectable.

Wonderful evening!


Photo 1: Sweetie was beautiful beyond belief.

Photo 2: Starting the Evening with a Dance in Caledon. Sweetie dancing with my Second Life brother Mordecai Scaggs.

Photo 3: Bill and Pam Havercamp in concert.

Photo 4: Ending the evening by rining in the new year in Caledon.

Photo 5: A happy and exhausted Chey and Sweetie return to their revamped Chinese whorehouse, which they have renamed the House of 1000 Pleasures.

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