Thursday, January 10, 2008

Come Live in Beautiful Pele

 Written 10 January, 2008

Come Live in Beautiful Pele

Just to let you know, we have several rental vacancies in beautiful Pele-- tiki houses on the beach, beautiful sunsets and ocean waves.

Peaceful Pele Low drama. A pleasant place to live.

Safe too.

Unless the volcano erupts and you are scorched by a pyroclastic flow.

Or unless you tumble into the Well of Death.

Or unless Sweetie falls from the sky and crushes you, as she did those lovers in Paris 1900.

Or unless the croc gets you. Or the squid.

But mostly safe. And avies can't die anyway.

$875L a week, house and landscaping provided, 200 prims. If you don't like the houses we have up, we have others :)

IM Cheyenne Palisades if you're interested. Or go here and take a look at the houses.

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