Thursday, July 10, 2014

Undersea Improvements

Over the weekend Sweetie and I visited the Mieville, sim, where there was a regatta. I'm not sure we ever made it to the show, but we had a good time. Most of all we liked all of Aley Residents remarkable builds, where are available for free with full permissions. My thanks, and Sweetie, to Mieville owner Briony Juran for her preservation of Aley's work.

Mieville Owner Briony Juran
In a previous incarnation, Aley was Aley Arai, the designer and architect of the remarkable Privateer Space region. Privateer was a highly imaginative, interactive build that took advantage of vertical space all the way to the new build ceiling of 4096 meters. The sim entry was an intergalactic truck stop, complete with an out-of-work derelict robot with a Will Compile Differential Equations for Power sign. It was ridiculous and fun and I missed it a lot when it disappeared. 

Aley built practically everything on her sim, from spaceships to robots to avatars to asteroid fields to complicated interspecies bathrooms. Giveaways included Aley's great space bug interplanetary rocket, and a wonderful spacesuit Sweetie and I use whenever we get into situations that won't support avatar life. Here's the rating I gave Privateer Space in this blog:


***** Whimsical Builds
***** Frightening Intergalactic Plumbing
***** Creative Naming of Planets
***** Cool Free Spacecraft
*         Room Service at the New Hotel California

Privateer Space was a huge influence on both Sweetie and myself, and was formative in our development of Whimsy and especially for our robot sanatorium. We were sad to see it go-- but glad now that so many of Aley's builds have survived.

We picked up a great undersea particle rezzer at Mieville, and it has really jazzed up the underwater area at Whimsy's Northeast corner.

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