Monday, July 14, 2014

Mystical Cookie's Mystitool: A Review: Part III. Things Once Essential

Firestorm allows its users to instantly go as high as 214,74,83,648 meters by simply typing gth (x), where x is the desired height. If you go to 1,000,000 meters you'll see what starts to happen to an avatar when it flies so high. Avatars disappear when you teleport much above that height. Back in 2006, when Sweetie and I flew to 15,000,000 meters, our avatars were visible all the way up. They became progressively more distorted, but we could see them.

It took us hours to fly that high with the benefit of the Mystiool's plaid flight speed and a device that pushed our avatars upward at a fast rate. The Lindens limited push some years ago, so it's unlikely we would have the patience to fly above 15,000,000 meters today. At normal flight speed I ascend at about 1500 meters per minute, so today it would take about 167 hours to reach that height at normal speed and maybe 40 hours at flight speed plaid . I'm sure my button-pressing finger would be sore!

In this post I talk about once-essential functions of the Mystitool. Today these functions are supported by Firestorm and perhaps even the official Linden Browser. No one will have to buy a Mystool for the functions that follow, but I still find everything I've mentioned convenient.

Flight Assist

Flight assist of some sort was once essential unless you are one of the very few citizens of Second Life who don't like to fly. Without wearing some sort of device you couldn't fly higher than 110 meters-- which was pathetic in a world which supported builds all the way up to 4096 meters.

It took forever for the Lindens to remove this arbitrary height restriction. Thank goodness it's gone!

The Mystitool's flight assist function allowed flight to any height-- Sweetie and I once flew all the way up to 15,000,000 meters, which took HOURS! Even today you can't fly that high without assistance of some sort. When I want to fly ridiculously high I turn on my Mystitool's height assist and choose a speed: slow, normal, fast, faster, fasterer, or Plaid. yes, plaid! That gets you high in a hurry!


Facelights are not as popular as they once were-- I've not been blinded by a nuclear job in months-- but I still like to keep a little light on my face. The Mystitool allows me to set its intensity, the maximum distance at which the light can be seen, the falloff, and its color.

HUDs can't emit light, so the Mystitool package includes an object that can be worn. It's useful for a number of things, is modifiable (so I can drop in my own scripts), is tiny, and serves multiple functions. I'd much rather wear one device than many, and for me, the Mysti implant is it.


Ever been pushed around by another avatar, either by them repeatedly bumping into you or by use of a script? Movelock resists all but the strongest pushes and will thwart all but the most knowledgeable griefer. Chatting /1 ml on and /1 ml off toggles the Mystitool's movelock. It's saved my bacon a number of times.

I just found out Firestorm's bridge supports movelock. I've not used it yet, but I'm glad it's there in case one day I should choose to stop using my Mysti.

Teleport History

Firestorm's TP function is superior to the Mystitool's, but I like the convenience of typing /1 tp and having a blue menu pop up. I no longer bother with the Favorite Landmarks function because Firestorm and the Linden viewer's alternatives are easier and more convenient.

Pose Stand

Firestorm will pose your avatar from the Avatar tab at the top of the screen, but the Mystitool will rez a simple post stand when I type /1 pose and a fancy when when I type /1 pose2. If I should ever find myself on no-build land and in need of a quick tweak to my shape or costume I would use Firestorm's feature, but I've yet needed it. I find the Mystitool's more useful.

Avatar Info

Firestorm's People feature makes it easy to look at avatars, but the Mystiool allows me to view a variety of useful information about them-- for instance, how long they have been in world, the language they use, and their script usage. Here's info on myself:

==========  Avatar Info  ==========
(Owner of this land)
Avatar name: Cheyenne Palisades
Display name: Cheyenne Palisades
Birthdate: 2006 Oct 24
Age: 2820 days (about 7 years, 8.71 months)
Height: 210 cm (6 ft, 10 in)
Language: English
UUID: 6bbe3144-69e8-4405-a2a4-5279ea1b2183
Profile (inworld): Cheyenne Palisades
Profile (web):
=========  Resource Use  =========
Script count: 112 (111 running)
Memory used: 2397 kb
CPU time: 0.000140

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