Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Manta Jumps!

A month or so ago Sweetie and I made a foray to Splash Aquatics, where she purchased Kaikou Spalash's giant manta ray.

We liked the fact that the ray is rideable, but neither of us realized it makes periodic leaps from the water. When I first saw it make a perfect leap (yesterday), I thought I was hallucinating. I tracked it with my camera for a good ten minutes before it made a second leap.

The ray doesn't leap often, but when it does, it's magificent. Kudos to Kaikou for including that feature.

Whimsy Kaboom features many of Kaikou's sea creatures, including an octopus, a whale shark, a loggerhead sea turtle, and five or six humpback whales.

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