Thursday, July 10, 2014

Jesus Boots

Here I Am, Standing About Fifty Yards Off Sim, Looking at Whimsy Kaboom.

Thank You, Jesus Boots!

Thank the Lord for Jesus Boots! Now we know how He did it! He just asked Second Lifer Kayaker Magic to whip up a pair for him at his Ocean Engineering store.

Jesus boots aren't much to look at...

I mean, really! They're uuuuugly, and no mod, so Sweetie and I can't even tweak the textures. But when you sit on them, you're able to walk on water and for that matter walk right off the sim, going as far as sixty meters into the void space.

See this offf sim island?

Here's a shot with zoom off so you can see just how far offshore it is.

Here I am standing on the BACK SIDE of the island.

Here I am looking back at Whimsy.

I got some ways past the island, making it as far as 319 meters north.

As you probably know, regions are 256 x 256 meters.That means I made it 63 meters past the end of the sim. Here's what it looked like.

If you want to try the Jesus Books, come to the beach at Whimsy and simply set on them.

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