Sunday, July 13, 2014

Mystical Cookie's Mystitool HUD: An Update: Part I

The Mystitool is a multi-purpose gadget with perhaps 150 functions. I've worn mine continuously since 2006. It was created by Mystical Cookie.

Many of the Mystitool's once unduplicated features have now become available from other sources-- for example, flight assist. Avatars, who were until recently could not fly higher than 110 meters without an assistive device, can now fly past the 4096 build limit. Notifications of the presence and distance of other avatars are now built into the Firestorm viewer. Firestorm now provides a teleport history allows movelock, has an anti-idle setting, and teleport to camera, and will stop runaway animations (and perhaps even the official Second Life viewer does some of these things as well). Nonetheless, I still consider my Mystitool the handiest gadget I own.

Take a look at my review from 2007 (links below). I'll meet you back here tomorrow with Part II of this arc.

The Mystitool, Part I

The Mystitool, Part II

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