Thursday, July 24, 2014

Insane Robot at the Cornfield

I took Sweetie to The Cornfield the other day. She was at first not wanting to get involved with a game that involved shooting and monsters, but once exposed, she warmed quickly to the concept. Before I knew it she had set the sun to midday so she could see better, located the health regeneration machine, and derendered most of the corn so she could more clearly see the monsters and the cobs. Yeah, that's the way Sweetie rolls.

What she was most excited about was finding someone wearing our robot avatar from the Whimsy Kaboom Robot Sanatorium. There it was, holding a plank, ready to go whup up on some monsters.

She was suspicious until she decided it was on a day pass to allow it to release its aggressive tendencies.

She summoned me to meet it. "I like your hat," I said.

I can't tell you how gratifying it is to see something you have created while you are exploring the grid. Until now it was only maypoles and torii gates. Now I'm happy to say I have seen an avatar I created gathering corn and kicking monster butt.

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