Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Mystical Cookie's Mystitool: A Review: Part VII. Wrapup

So, is the Mystitool as essential as it once was? No, but it's still darned handy! For reasons I explained in an earlier post, I keep mine on all the time. If you don't want or need to wear it always, it can still be handy to slap on when you wan to do a quick color calculation or rez your sailboat on the Blake Sea or find your lost friend. Adding and detaching takes only an instant.

Mystical Cookie rewrote the Mystitool to reduce its script time, but it's not the least laggy gadget in Second Life. When I rez it on my land it consumes about 0.79 milliseconds. That's ten times as much as Kitto Flora's steam train when it's at rest, but far less than the 0.125 used by my Congreve clock. Considering its utility, I consider it worth the hit on the region.

The Mysti does have a sleep mode which cuts down script time-- and nowadays it arrives with only basic functions activated. Owners can choose which features they wish to install.

The Mystitool includes an object sim and parcel owners can place on their land. It senses Mysitool wearers and asks them to put their HUDs to sleep.I think Mystical Cookie has done her due diligence on a gadget with some 100 functions!

Best of all is the Mystitool's price. It sells for the same $423 Lindens it always has. That's a bargain at Mysti's store or on the Second Life Marketplace. It's best to buy it in world because Mysti is known for not responding to nondelivery notifications on the Marketplace. Here's her store.

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