Sunday, July 27, 2014

Most. Visitors. Ever.

For several months we've had a steady stream of visitors at Whimsy-- dozens a day. Many are zero-day-old newbies, so we've been certain they've been pointed toward us from wherever it is new citizens rez these days.

Over the last couple of days, however, the numbers have gone down. Our traffic numbers (General tab on About Land), have gone from 2000-2200 to a little less than 1000. We figure we've rotated off a destination list somewhere.

Last night I jumped home from the Cornfield, where I had been dominating the monsters, and found the People box filled with fifteen names (after you click Read More, click on the image that appears to enlarge it).

After I teleport it takes the People window the better part of a minute to catch up. I see the names of the people at my former location-- and if I click on a name I see the terrain where they are, and occasionally the avatars and some prims, even when they're halfway across the grid.

So I figured I was still seeing names from the Cornfield-- but the Statistics window showed 13 avatars on Whimsy and two on Whimsy Kaboom.

Two ladies on Kaboom were having fun running through the undersea tunnels Sweetie and I installed on Saturday. The others were members of the Headhunters Motorcycle Club.

Second Life is rife with ahem, outlaw motorcycle clubs. Members.have delusions of being one-percenters-- those not in the 99% of motorcyclists the American Motorcycle Association once called law abiding citizens-- in other words, undesirable.

I have a friend in real life who was in the Outlaws M/C-- for real. The real world Outlaws police their name in Second Life, but the Hells Angels and some other clubs don't. My friend was in one of the Hells Angels Second Life chapters for a while, and believe me, it was nothing like a real one percenter club (being composed, primarily, it would seem, of housewives, residents of their mothers' basements, and people from Holland).

The real world Headhunters M/C is a violent New-Zealand based club that seems to have expanded to other countries, including the U.S. I've no idea who the Second Life Headhunters are in real life, but I'm happy they had a good time on Whimsy and they're welcome to return.

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