Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Mystical Cookie's Mystitool: A Review: Part V. Security Features

If I sit on the non-physical vehicle over my shoulder I will become entirely immune
to pushes of any strength and will be able to walk through walls

The Mystitool features a variety of features for defense and offensive actions:


Kill Avatar

Trap Drag. This rezzes a trap to hold an avatar in place. The Mysti owner can then drag the avatar from place to place.

Toss Avatar

This bangs an avatar around  for sixty seconds-- sometimes off sim!

Please note: use of these features will violate the Terms of Service if your target isn't willing to be killed, dragged, or tossed.


The Mysti will ban or unban avatars by simple chat, quite handy, especially when you are being griefed.

Non-Physical Vehicle

I've already mentioned movelock, which protects against small and moderate pushes. Even better is the Mystitool's non-physical vehicle. I type /1 np and a little twinkling sphere shows up. When I sit on it I become phantom. I can still fly and walk and run and swim (at least it appears to myself and others that I am), but I'm actually sitting on a prim. I can move through walls and even terrain.

The non-physical vehicle has an interesting feature-- Off Sensors. If you select that before you sit you won't be visible to others. That's because you'll be more than 100 meters above your sit position. I don't remember if that stops you from hearing chat. I think you will disappear from the radar screens of others as well.

Collision Notificaitons

This tells you when you collide with an object or another avatar, or they collide with you.


Sim Warnings

When turned on, this alerts you if the time dilation and frame-per-second rate of the simulator drop below a threshhold you can set. It will also tell you if you enter a sim or parcel with damage enabled, physics disabled, or collisions disabled.

Break Reminder

This will remind you every x minutes to get up and stretch your legs and get a drink.

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