Saturday, July 26, 2014

Tips for the Cornfield

If you play the game at the cornfield, and if you're in the mood for some hints, here we go.

1. When you first arrive, you'll be easy to kill. Expect to die easily. When that happens you will spawn at the cemetery. The barn, where you trade the corn you collect for cornbucks, is diagonally across the sim on the opposite corner.

2. If you see red or gold disks or little golden bottles (actually, they look like hourglasses to me), pick them up. The red disk is worth 10 cornbucks. I'm not certain what the others do, but I'm sure they help.

3. Buy armor before weapons. The chainsaw and the shotgun look cool, but I'm not convinced they kill monsters any better than the plank you have upon arrival. Armor will keep you alive longer.

4. When you do buy a weapon, buy the gray goo grenade. You can't fire it continuously like the shotgun or chainsaw, but it takes out monsters in a circle around you. That means you don't have to use mouselook. It takes about three seconds to rearm, so if you find yourself surrounded by monsters, keep moving until you can use it again.

5. Until you are fully armored and have the good grenade, keep moving. Your best defense against the monsters is to get out of their range. You can run right through them when you come across them in the cornfield without taking damage, so long as you don't slow down. When you stop to back up and pick up corn you have missed, monsters that may be trailing you will catch up-- and hello, cemetery. Run up one row and down another and before long your basket will be full and you can head to the barn to empty it.

6. If you find yourself with 5000 cornbucks and buy the tractor, don't wear it in the cornfield. The tractor makes it more difficult to orient yourself to run over corncobs and disks.

7. The huge monsters don't seem to damage you and give out a pile of red disks when they die. When you hit them they will jump; just run them down and hit them again. After four or five hits they will die. It's easy to chase them outside the fence; usually they will still drop their disks when they die outside the fence or in the barn or cemetery areas. Don't be afraid to go down into the water to retrieve them. The land is steep down there, so ascend by walking diagonally across the sim.

8. Locate the health regenerator. When you approach it, be sure no monsters are around, for if they are they will kill you during the few seconds you are seated. Don't be shy about teleporting directly to the health regenerator by camming to it from the barn and then sitting.

9. If it makes it easier for you, don't be afraid to do the first thing Sweetie did on hitting the sim-- cheat. Temporarily derender some of the corn. It will make it easier to orient yourself and will decrease the chance of monsters sneaking up on you.

10. Look for a tiny key behind a small gravestone in the cemetery. When you have it, go downstairs at the company store and find the door that's closed. Once inside, click everything you see.

11. Look in the chicken coop for a free thing.


Anonymous said...

Where is the company store?

Cheyenne Palisades said...

Just found this comment awaiting moderation! Sorry!

I'm sad to say I don't remember how to get to the store. I think the entry is in the back left area of the barn. Perhaps someone reading this will give the location.