Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Mystical Cookie's Mystitool: A Review: Part VI. More Useful Features

The Mystitool's Flight Particles, Seen at Midnight

The Mystitool has no end of features. Here are a few more.

Land Calculator

Ever wonder how many prims a parcel will support? Just type /1 land 512 and the Mystitool will tell you: 117 prims. How much land do you need to rez that big 400-prim vampire castle? Type /1 prims 400 and you'll see you need a minimum of 1747 square meters.

Color Converter

If you are a scripter, this tool is invaluable. The Mysti can convert between #FFFFFF and [255,255,255] formats, returning LSL format.

/1 color #FFFFFF
/1 color [255, 255, 255]
/1 color white

Will all return [1.0, 1.0,1.0]

Please note: I used brackets instead of left-and right-facing arrows because Blogger reads them as HTML and inserts code.

Object Chat ID

This feature will tell you the owner of any object that speaks in public chat. Sadly, it won't tell you which objects send you instant messages, inventory items, or popup windows. Darn it!

Region Say

Region say broadcasts chat throughout an entire sim. Scripts can do this, but avatars can't. With the Mysti, you can just type /1 regionsay and it will be heard across the entire sim.  Since the chat will be coming from the Mystitool, some scripted objects may not respond, but most will. 

Dust Particles

The Mystitool implant will, if you turn on the feature, emit a light stream of particles when you fly. You can set the begin and end colors, which makes for a colorful effect when you fly-- especially at night.

Since the particles are short-lived it's nearly impossible to take photos of them, so I asked Sweetie to snap a few. Here's a shot of me flying in the evening; a shot taken at midnight is at the top of this post.

Avatar Find

Ever lose a companion while you're shopping or exploring? Your Mystitool tells you she is 87 meters away, but in which direction? Typing /1 find (name) will send a stream of particles from you to your target. It's a simple matter to follow them to your friend.

Locate Avatar

Typing /1 locate (name) will give you the location coordinates and distance of an avatar.

Avatar Stand 

When you want to reach a friend more quickly, you can type /1 stand (name).  You'll find yourself standing on your target's head. Walls you hit along the way can bounce you, and hitting avatars between you and your target will push you, so it's best to use this feature outdoors.


This feature will play a facial animation of your choice until you tell it to stop. It's most handy when you are taking photos of yourself.

Popup Sender

The popup sender will send a message in a blue popup box to the avatar of your choice.


The Mysti's mimic feature will let you send messages with the name of an object or another avatar. Messages are in script color, so knowledgeable Second Lifers will be savvy-- newbies won't, so play nice. I used to use it a lot to make the coconut-throwing monkeys Leaf Shermer gave me taunt avatars.

"Cheeky Monkeys: So, you humans sure are ugly!"

Animation Control

Typing /1 will stop animations. It's faster than reaching for the menus at the top of the screen.

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