Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Mystical Cookie's Mystitool: A Review: Part IV. Some Convenient Rezzers

The Mystitool has about a hundred functions I've not yet discussed and which would be difficult to find elsewhere. Here are a few:

Dynatable and Automatic Chairs

Whenever I wish to sit I say in chat /1 table and my Mystitool rezzes a dynatable.

When an avatar sits in a chair, another is immediately rezzed. Up to 240 chairs can be rezzed before the script runs out of memory-- that's far more avatars than a sim can support!

The table can be colorized by a menu and resized. Here I've changed the color to violet, selected the largest size, and rezzed a bunch of extra chairs. Can anybody say board meeting?

When I'm finished with the table I can derez the items manually or all at once via the menu.

Even more nifty is the rezzable skydiving platform. It appears when I type /1 skydive.

Riding the Skydiving Platform to 1500 meters

The platform will hold a bunch of avatars (I'm not sure how many) and can be set to derez at altitudes from 750 to 4000 meters. Whee! Fun!

"Erm, I think I set the altitutde too high!"
Free-falling with DJLoret, a visitor to Whimsy

Sky Platform Elevator

This handy gadget rezzes on command and will carry you and visitors to a specified height. There it will rez a platform and wait until you're ready to return to the ground. When you're ready, it will derezz the platform and take you and your friends back to the ground.


Back in the days of 10-meter prim limits, the Mystitool platform was 20 x 20 meters and used about 15 prims. Nowadays it's resizeable to 64 x 64 and uses only one prim, unless you rez a fence or cover it completely (both options on the menu). That adds a second prim.

Firestorm will rez a platform also, but not one so nifty.


There was once an object in Second Life known as Starax' Magic Wand. It would rez, upon command, more than 100 objects. The wand was a coveted possession, and is, alas, no longer around.

The Mystitool is like Starax' Magic Wand, but since it's modifiable you can stuff it with anything you wish, from a tree to a favorite vehicle to a hail of frozen physical temp-on-rez fish. It's most handy, and I often wonder why I don't use the feature more than I do.

Here I've rezzed my notoriously ugly and unfortunately leaky water tower-- the one Dreamland made me take down.

Av Following Chair

The follow chair is handy when you have a companion who is getting a low frame rate and has difficulty moving around. He or she can simply sit in the chair and it will follow you as you move about. Very useful.

Cam Follower

The cam following is useful when working on large builds or when showing folks around. You rez it, sit on it (along with up to five of your friends), focus on something, and accept permissions. The follower moves, with you and your friends on it, wherever you focus. It's a fast and convenient way of moving around a sim.

A second earlier, I was standing on the deck in the distance.
I zoomed my camera out and instantly went with it.

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