Sunday, July 13, 2014

Bye-Bye to Whimsy Big-Ass Binocs

The big-ass binoculars that for so long sat at a landing on the big island on Whimsy's southeastern side are gone. The 24-prim Skidz Partz no perm monstrosity is gone, replaced by a three-land impact full permission sculpt made by Aley Arai.

Here's the old job:

Here is the new one:

Because the scripts are full perm I was able to modify the binoculars to do just what I wanted them to do. What was a continuously circulating slideshow now starts whenever an avatar sits. That allows me to tell a story.

The story is simple-- a progressive and extreme zoom from this---

to this..

to this...

to this...

to this...

to this...

and finally to this:

Who's that avatar, you ask? That's Exuberance, my partner. No, nor my partner in espionage. That would be Sweetie. Xubi is my partner in love and life, in real world and Second Life.

Aley's slide viewer called slides in alphabetical rather than random order (which was what I wanted-- but when viewers were seated the show could be anywhere in the zoom sequence.

I added logic to restart the script whenever an avatar sits and  a tiny 90% transparent hollowed and cut cube, each side of which displays one of the images in the viewer. In this way the images are pre-rezzed and pop into focus immediately.

Aley's binoculars give me just what I need to finish the big telescope 4000 meters above Whimsy.

In the meantime, come here and take a look for yourself.

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