Thursday, February 8, 2007

Torii Gate

Written 6 February, 2007

Torii Gate

I’ve always found Shinto-period architecture of Japan beautiful and fascinating, but since my primary exposure to it was in the films of Japanese directors, I didn’t know much about it.

Second Life has put me face-to-face with Japanese (and any number of other types of) architecture. That’s a good thing.

It began when Sweetie asked me how I would feel about the use of shoji screens in the house she was building for me.

“Sounds great!” I said cheerfully.

To myself, I said, “WTF is a shoji screen?”

Oh, so THAT’s a shoji screen! Brava! Looks great!


I saw my first torii gate when I was buying a jukebox from Weedy Herbst. It was next door, on another property, but it was marked for sale. I didn’t know what it was, but I bought it because even though it was plain and untextured, it spoke to me.

Last week I pulled it out in the Pele Gardens and proceeded to build my own gate.

Things went apace, for I’m learning to size, rotate, and position objects perfectly in relation to other objects.

My torii gate was derivative, but I improved on the basic design, adding a swooping brass piece as a cap.

Soon Sweeetie dropped by and, seeing what I was doing, gave me the beautiful wooden texture she had used on her stunning reflecting fountain and helped me tweak the densities. Then she improved upon my improvement of the top pieces.

And soon we had a beautiful torii gate, perhaps the most gorgeous (if not exactly authentic) o-torii in all of Second Life.

It’s a perfect companion piece to the reflecting fountain.

Soon, I had made a bridge that keyed from the torii gate, which I used to span the lava flow on the north side of Pele.

My building skills are improving.


Last night I sold my (and Sweetie’s) torii gate.

A few days ago, a visitor to Pele asked me if it was for sale.

I hadn’t considered selling it, but I said I would sell it if he would give me a couple of days to finalize it.

Last night, he bought it for $400L, which I’ll split with Sweetie, as she was involved in its making.

I think Sweetie and I need to open a store.

We can put it on the 1024 lot I just acquired, directly below the Dragon Skybar.

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