Monday, February 26, 2007

Scouting Forsaken

Written 26 February, 2007

Scouting Forsaken

This morning I noticed (thanks to the marvelous Mystitool) that two avs were in the vicinity.

I was talking with a friend, but I reached idly around with camera control (always keep the camera constraints disabled) and saw a male av and a female. The female's bare (and oversized) boobs, which would have been to her knees in RL, were sticking out in defiance of Second Life gravity.

I knew exactly what they were doing.

I banned the female.

She kept bouncing against the boundary, while the male waited (impatiently, I suppose) for the female to come to him.

From 75 meters away, I IMed her and said, "Please take your business to another sim." She apologized, and, with customer in tow, departed.

This wasn't the first occurrence. This weekend, another female scouted for a place for trysts. She bounced around the sim as first I, then Leaf (who I e-mailed), and Damian all banned her. Nik told me he had already banned her.

She's now plying her trade somewhere else.

I'm not against Second Life hookers, but they need either to pay me for rental of a skybox or go elsewhere. I don't want to stumble upon or have my legitimate guests bothered by sex on the beach.

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