Thursday, February 8, 2007

The Sim Really Changes

Sweetie on the Teeter-Totter

Sweetie Heads or Outer Space
Written 8 February, 2007

The Sim Really Changes

This morning I got word from Carlos that he will be selling his last plot of land on Forsaken.

I know he will be only a teleport away, but my heart is broken.

Just last night Carlos and Sweetie and I were having a little Icarus fun.

I had made a 90 meter ramp along which I was rolling a two meter aluminum ball by turning it physical. I nearly dropped the ball on Carlos' toes!

I created a teeter-totter and we experimented with making it rock by walking along it. Then I got the idea of dropping the big aluminum ball on it. It launched me to nearly 100 meters!

Icarus nonsense being what it is, before long Carlos had made a teeter totter from a giant prim and I had rezzed a 40 meter ball and dropped it on one end from a height of 500 meters.

I started out even with the ball, heading down as soon as I turned it physical.

At first I outpaced it, but it was accelerating and I wasn't, so it soon zoomed past.

Sweetie had wandered up and was on the plank, and I very nearly lost her to outer space again.

What will I do when Carlos is no longer around to partake in such fun?

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