Sunday, February 11, 2007

Of Prims and Sims, II

Written 6 February, 2007

Of Prims and Sims

Part II



Missed another window of opportunity.

My friend Wulf Stewart told me this morning that on the mainland, property can now be linked across sims and the prims shared.

There goes my idea of a sim exchange!


I wonder if one can do that in Dreamland?


Wulfie said...

Luv you Chey. Its me Wulfie, I really REALLY wish I caught you before you sold that, you said you were gonna hold on to it. ARG!
Its really cool to learn a new side of you.
Much Love!
Wulf Steuart

Cheyenne Palisades said...

Sorry Wulf. Wish I had told you.

It was difficult two work with the property, since it consisted of two 512s laid end to end rather than side by side. My Dragon Skybar night club would fit on it only if I stood it on its side!

Wish I had thought to check with you before selling-- and if I had known it would become part of a porn palace, I would mos' def not hve sold.