Sunday, February 4, 2007

Sweetie's Odyssey

BreathofGod Onmura

Written 4 February, 2007

Sweetie's Odyssey

So like OMG, Chey and I were flying, over 15,000,000 meters and rising, and then somehow we got separated.

I think it was me that drifted, for suddenly I wasn't hearing Chey's Hawaiian music, but some sort of polka tune.

And then I lost God Speed. I'm still looking for it.

I could have gotten by on Plaid from the Mystitool, but just then a new version came in and it wouldn't attach to the HUD at that altitude. And I had already taken the old one off.

That's when I began falling.

Do you know how long it takes to fall to earth from 15,000,000 meters?


I fell for days.


I, BreathofG8d, saw a piece of meat fall by.

BreathofG8d rarely sees pieces of meat at that altitude.

And BreathofG8d was hungry.

So I flew after it and caught it.

The piece of meat had a name.

Sweetie, it was called.

Sweetie interested me.

There are other pieces of meat for BreathofG8d to eat.


A nice lady dragon rescued me at 500,000 meters.

Her name was BreathofG8d. She grabbed me out of the air with her great claws and put me on her back and flew me back to the surface. Even at her great speed, it took nearly an hour.

BreathofG8d was a dragon of tremendous size and great age, wise as only dragons can be, and possessed with a wondrous dignity. She begged my indulgence.

"I'll take you home," she said, "but I'm starving," she said, "and that piece of meat on the hoverbike is far too tempting to pass up. I must eat first."

"No prob," I said.

Dragons have interesting lives. She showed me her dragon's hoard of gold and jewels and her brood of baby dragonlets. One of the larger ones was stalking me, but she knocked it ass over elbows with her great wing and it went off yelping and blowing little puffs of smoke.

She showed me the Isle of Wyrms and many other fantastic sights. I had to sit in a stupid tower for hours while some well-meaning but clueless gnubie doofus in a high-prim suit of armor fought her over my honor. Or, rather, he thought he was fighting. BreathofG&d just lay on her side and pushed him away when he and his horse came too close and shot flames at him, being careful to miss him without it looking like she was deliberately missing him. Finally, he went away, my honor unavenged.

I felt way safer with BOG than I would have with a gnubie gnight, anyway, for whenever I held down the ALT key I could see he was equipped with more than a sword, if you know what I mean.

BOG is absolutely beautiful, with shiny silver scales and purple and white feathers, and I told her so and asked her if she would allow me to tweak her appearance. She most graciously said yes and I made her even more fabulous.

We searched and searched for Pele, but couldn't seem to find it. I was missing my beautiful and sensual Cheyenne so much; I'm afraid I wasn't very good company for BreathofG8d. I was thinking about Cheyenne's thighs.

We traveled through many lands and crossed many seas and had many adventures. We had to deal with sirens and cyclopses and I don't know what all else. I was on the verge of giving up, but BOG wouldn't let me.

"Let me just refresh myself," she said, "and we'll continue."

"How do dragons refresh themselves?" I asked.

"We seek heat," she said, and with me on her back she gave a great leap and carried me away, her great wings flapping, carrying me so fast my hair flew out behind me.

Which it rather does anyway, as I tweaked the flexi settings to lessen gravity.

We were soon over Dreamland, so I figured we were headed for some Second Life Club Med, where we would lie in the sun and I would get my nails polished and she, her scales, if the beauticians weren't frightened away.

Sure enough, I was soon seeing palm trees.

It was night, and the moon was new, and I had been seeing nothing but stars for hours-- but suddenly, on the horizon, I could see a dim red glow.

"What's that?" I asked.

"Heat," she said. "Renewal."

Was it possible I was seeing a volcano?

It was.

And not just some crummy SL volcano with static lava either, but a volcano with a pool of beautiful, splashable, wadeable lava.


I was home.

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