Saturday, February 24, 2007

My Alt

Written 16 February, 2007

My Alt

I. Want to Meet My Alt?

“I have an alt. Want to see her?”

“Sure,” Sweetie said. Sweetie is up for almost anything.

Especially when she’s in dragon mode.

I hit the big red X and closed the program and immediately logged on as my alt.


An alt, for those who might not know, is an alternate avatar, a second or third or four character with another name, controlled by the same human.

People make alts for a lot of reasons. Some do so to cause anonymous grief to others. Some to do in order to cheat on their Second Life lovers. Some do so in order to pimp their business. Some do so to express another side of their personality.

And some, like me, do so when they attempt to get on the grid and are told they can’t because there’s a problem with their inventory.

(I’ve no idea at all why that would be. I have only 1 x 10 to the 19th power items in my inv!)

In my case, I had come home from work for lunch in order to meet with a landscaper who was based in the real world in Europe. We had an appointment for some work on Pele, and I couldn’t get online.

And so I created an alternate character, named her, turned her into a generic Japanese goth grrrl, popped on the grid, did my business, and logged off.

And now I was trotting her out again, wearing the Vagitarian t-shirt she had acquired in her first minutes after rezzing, taking her to see Sweetie.

My alt used the landmark Patrice Cornoyer (Chey's landscaper and one of her friends) had sent to her after my alt had IMed her, rezzing at the Exuberance house and flying up to Pele’s caldera, where BreathofG8d Onura was bathing in the lava.

“OMG, it’s a scary ass dragon!” I found myself typing, although BOG is ordinarily as friendly as a kitten.

“Hello, little human,” purred BOG. And I WAS little, too, under five feet, I think, with my chalk-white skin and purple hair and lesbian t-shirt. “Welcome to Pele.”

“Are you Pele?”

“No, little one. Pele is the volcano goddess. This is her home. She’s looking for a virgin sacrifice.”

She peered at me closely with one big dragon eye. “Are you a virgin, perchance?”

I said quickly, “Technically, no.”

“Are you sure?”

“Pretty much” I said, “because of that thing I did that time.”

That thing she did that time? Jeez, but my alt seemed to have a personality of her own!

“You are a newbie,” BOG rumbled, little plumes of smoke rolling from her nostrils. “Newbies are delicious.”

“I’m not THAT new,” I lied, and started backing away.

“Uh,” I said, “I have to see a man.”

I backed away some more. “Uh, about a thing.”

“Yeah. That’s it. A man about a thing.” By now I was a nearly at the limit of Chat range.

“Stay. I won’t eat you.”

“Man,” I said. “Thing.” And derezzed.


I thought it was a marvelous bit of role play, but when Cheyenne returned and BOG told her, “There was a new citizen here. She was afraid of me,” I was no longer certain.

Did Sweetie forget I would be trotting out an alt?

Yes, she did.

I love my Sweetie.


Patrice Cournoyer said...

OMG, that is so fab yyou are wearing the Vagitarian shirt I made and gave you!

Malta said...

Patrice, I love that shirt. I think it took a day or so for the full meaning to sink in, though! I thought it meant I had a vagina. Then I realized that it meant...

Never mind.