Thursday, February 8, 2007

Flippa Da Land

Chey's 2048
Written 6 February, 2007

Flippa Da Land

No, that’s not a drag name.

It’s what I just did.


A little more than a week ago, my friend Wulf Stewart IMed me to ask if I would be interested in buying two adjoining 512 square meter plots on the mainland.

I went to look. It wasn’t exactly what I wanted, since the lots lay with their short ends together rather than their long ends, but I figured I could find some use for it. I committed to buy one and set a time for the closing. Then, after a couple of minutes’ reflection at Xubi’s reflecting pool at the Pele Gardens, I send Wulf a message saying I wanted to buy both parcels.

We made the transaction a couple of days later.

I terraformed the land a bit, set the radio to Sky-FM Classical, and set the parcels to sell at double what I had paid for them.

Last night, I visited them again, sat out torii gates Xubi and I had designed, and lowered the price.

Shortly afterward I logged off of Second Life to have a telephone conversation with my sweet Sweetie. I love talking with my sweet Sweetie.

When I got back, I noticed my account balance had increased by $20,000 Lindens.

There were no notices, but I knew the lots had sold.

Just to check (I mean, some magnanimous soul could have dropped 20k L on me), I teleported to the land.

I landed smack in the middle of a tawdry porn shop.

And oh, could the textures have used tweaking!

I’m talking Ug-Ly.

It seemed the porn queen neighbor Wulf had told me about had wasted no time in expanding her sleazy empire.

I walked past on-the-stroll hookers and newbies in camping chairs and slot machines and curtained booths where god knows what was happening until I found a way out into the night air.

Then, hovering, I looked at properties for sale.

The results of my search was bizarre. There were parcels as small as eight square meters, and prices were all over the map. Here was a 512 for 10k, and there one for $38k.

Within seconds, however, I found a suitable-looking 1024 for sale in the next sim. I teleported there and, liking the property, a pleasant wooded hilltop, I bought it for $16k.

This weekend, I’ll move the Dragon Skybar there, freeing up any number of prims at Pele, and set up a store to sell my wares, and Xubi’s, and Sweetie’s.

If it doesn’t sell at the marked-up price I’ve fixed, that is.

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