Friday, February 23, 2007

Slow Week

Written 16 February, 2007

Slow Week

It’s been a slow week in my second life.

Even though I was home all week and on Second Life a lot.

I suppose it was slow partly because my avatar is just as I like her and my property is likewise, so I had time on my hands. I mean, when you have all the clothes you want and all the hair and shoes you want, and every gadget you could possibly have and way more land than makes sense, and aren’t inspired to build something at that moment, what else is there to do?.

And I suppose it was slow partly because Dodgeguy has relocated to another sim.

And I suppose it’s partly because I was in mourning and my friends didn’t want to press. Although the ones who read my blog did check in with me about the death of my mom, and several gave me presents on Valentine’s day. I’m afraid I was so scattered I didn’t properly reciprocate.

Thanks, Kal, and Leaf, and Wulf, and Mordecai. You’re great friends. Your gifts meant a lot to me.

And a lot of the time, my Sweetie was on the road and off the grid.

Thanksgiving with Sweetie was wonderful. I recreated the tower of Sweetiness and we had a nice time riding around on my Valentine’s Day gift to her, which is a giant rotating hollow heart of ruby glass, pierced by an arrow and equipped with snuggle cushions. Later, we retreated to the House of 1000 Pleasures and got so frisky we decided we needed a code word for “time to stop.”

Sweetie gave me a beautiful textured bowl of oranges she made herself. The metal bowl looks almost like carnival glass, and the oranges are luminous.

Guess what the code word is?

I spent most of the week on Pele, where I’ve begun construction of a replica of my real-life house, and have been working on a big waterfall in the East Beach area. Film at eleven.

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