Thursday, February 8, 2007

Bad Chey

Good Chey

Bad Chey

Written 31 January, 2007

Bad Chey

I have some traits of which I'm not proud, and the worst is a propensity to gossip.

I usually control this tendency, but occasionally, I fail (rarely, fortunately, for I’ve gotten good at controlling my Bad Chey impulses). When I’m feeling giddy and in a zone of comfort, I’ve been known to divulge information about others, information I should have kept private.

Not often.

And it’s usually friendly and harmless.

But often enough. And sometimes it has a malicious element.

I don’t know why I do this. I only know it’s wrong.

Last night I started to tell something about someone, something had had been told to me in confidence. Perhaps I was doing it because I was irritated at him. Perhaps not. It doesn't matter. I shouldn't have done it.

I was paying no attention to my Mysti-Tool display and so I didn’t realize the object of my gossip had walked up and was only two meters away. I had already hit Return, so my first comment, which didn’t reveal his secret, but which hinted at it, was hanging in the air.

To his credit, he called me on it.

I’m glad he did, for I was most definitely being Bad Chey.


There have been only a few times in my life when I have so completely and thoroughly put my foot in my mouth.

They were embarrassing and made me feel bad about myself.

This one, I think, was the worst.


I apologized, of course, but that doesn’t diminish my culpability.

Thank goodness, he is still my friend.


My Sweetie likes to say she uses her superpowers only for good.

I’m doing my best to do the same.

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