Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Whimsy's Animals: I. Birds

Brightly colored parrots (free from Garth Fairchild (although they broke in early 2008 when the new physics engine was introduced and required fixing to stop them from flying backwards ) make a colorful show over the lava pit of the Pele volcano.

Written 10 November, 2009

Whimsy's Animals

I. Birds

Animals go a long way toward making a sim interesting and realistic.

At the same time, animated animals draw upon the resources of the sim, and too many, or even a few of the poorly scripted ones, can slow things down.

We try not to go hog wild with animals on Whimsy, but we do have quite a few.

I invite you to come to Whimsy to see if you can find these critters.

This eagle by Julia Hathor patrols the upper gardens. A second eagle, this one by Bill Havercamp, circles above Pele.

Julia Heron's beautiful heron catches fish in a pond at the upper gardens. Sorry for the poseballs in the photo.

This pink flamingo by Animania struts its stuff on the beach.

This vividly-colored parrot from Animal Island soars above Whimsy's lower gardens.

This little guy sits atop a fence post on the upper gardens. Two others of the same species sit on a fence at the lower gardens. They can be found at Happy Mood.

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