Friday, November 13, 2009


Written 13 November, 2009

Sealife on Whimsy

Whimsy has a lot of sealife-- cetaceans, pinnipeds, turtles, octopi, squid, and fish of all stripes.

I have to admit I'm fudging on the exhaustive survey. You know how I am with paperwork! Here are some representative species.

This lionfish is pretty. Note the shark and the octopus in the background.

Here's a shot of the Harry the Humpback's belly. Harry is from Splash Aquatics.

The aptly named Inky the squid guards the treasure chest in the northeast corner of the sim. Other squid are scattered around the underwater areas of Whimsy. Inky is from Cave Rua.

Whimsy has its share of octopii, too. This one is from Splash Aquatics.

This giant trevally from Splash Aquatics is Whimsy's biggest fish.

This octopus is from Space Bums aquarium.

Sea urchin, looking innocent:

Sea Urchin, ouchie!

Sea Turtle. Yeah, I know it could have gone in the reptile section.

I picked up this Delilah fish for free at New Citizens in 2006. At 13 prims it's a bit primmy, and it just swims around in a circle, but it looks nice from a distance and doesn't draw much upon system resources. It's modifiable, so I've made them all different colors.

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