Monday, November 16, 2009

New Critters

Written 16 November, 2009

New Critters

Writing about and photographing Whimsy's many animals made me want new ones. So I took a trip to Animania, and bought four.

First up is this puffin. I figure he should have a cousin bird called a huffin. Cute, ain't he?

This puffing doesn't patrol, just stand there turning his had and making a puffin sound, which is, how can I describe it, sort of like throat singing while burping. I put him on a bluff, but Sweetie promptly came along and said, "He should have his feet wet," and moved him to a rock at sea level where he makes much more sense.

Here he is in his former placement. Later on, I'll post some pictures Sweetie took of him in his new home.

This bottlenose dolphin will swim randomly within a 50-meter radius. He jumps on a user-settable schedule, and makes a big splash when he does.

This trout jumps, too.

The last critter is an orange and white koi, which I placed near a group of flat flexi koi at the torii bridge. The flat fish look great when you look down on him, but they all circle, and this guy's random movements give the view variety. Sorry, no photo.

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Chestnut Rau said...

I have really enjoyed this series on the your wildlife. We don't really have animals on our parcel primarily due to concerns about sim performance but you have inspired me to correct the situation. Lovely photos of Whimsy as always...