Sunday, November 15, 2009

Tragedy Discovered

Written 15 Sunday, 2009

Tragedy Discovered

All this time living on Whimsy and I had NO IDEA!!!

While conducting my thorough (sort-of, I forgot the little tentacle monster I made, the pterodactyl and the pilot whale on Whimcentricity, and goddess knows what else) survey of Whimsy's wildlife I (what a breathless sentence this is turning out to be!) discovered the underwater wreckage of a plane.

What a tragedy! What newly-married female avatar played by a male waited in eager anticipation for her adventuring husband to return from the test flight of his freebie airplane? What vehicle maker scrimped on his script and sent our intrepid pilot to his doom? What freakish perfect virtual storm sent the plane and its pilot into the murky depths? What virtual Amelia Earhart lies entombed here?

Oh, the horror!

Okay, here's the pilot whale:

And here's the pterodactyl:

And, back by popular request, Chey's tentacle guy:

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