Thursday, November 26, 2009

Or Not

Written 26 November, 2009

Or Not

Okay, it's five pm. Where's my turkey?

This Thanksgiving day started off well enough. I rose at 9:30 am, dashed across the street to the market and bought a half gallon of milk and some breakfast.

Getting across the highway is usually pretty lively, but because of the holiday, the traffic was light. I returned in fine form with two bacon and cheese omelets.

They were delicious.

It was shortly after breakkie that the day began to go awry.

It seems Sweetie has a Playstation 2, and on that platform she has a game called Sly Cooper: Band of Thieves 2. It's a wonderful game with lots of sneaking, whacking, and getting killed.

The problem is Sweetie takes the game literally. She thinks she's really saving the world. And who knows, maybe she is?

"Urm, should I start the turkey?" I asked.

"Shhhh!" she said, as if all she had to do to make the turkey ready to eat was open the color picker menu and pick a delicious and yet fashionable golden brown and maybe add some steam particles. "Can't you see I'm trying to crash this elephant-powered satellite array?"

Time passed.

"Uh," I said.

"Shhh! I have to beat Rajan into submission so I can steal the clockwork heart."

Tick. Tock.

And so it got to be six pm and no turkey.

Although I did stop watching her and sneak away at five to pop the turkey (well, it's a five pound breast, we couldn't possibly eat a whole turkey) into the oven.

So we will be eating about 8 pm. Homemade cranberry sauce sweetened with Splenda, turkey breast, stuffing, gravy, peas, mashed potatoes, and, for dessert, pumpkin pie.

So even if we're eating late, we're having a happy Thanksgiving. We hope you are, too!

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