Monday, November 16, 2009

Gravity Can Be a Nuisance

Written 16 November, 2009

Gravity Can be a Nuisance

Take a close look at the photo above. Do you see anything unusual? Other than the plumber's helpers on my feet, that is!

Let me give you a hint. Here's the original:

That's me with my friend Stargazer Blazer, standing on the ceiling (floor?) of the upside-down house on the Olive sim. To find it, just search upside down in Places.

The house has been there forever, since at least 2006, and it's always fun.

Star and I were using a gadget someone gave us; it allows you to walk around on ceilings. Fun. The same person gave us a HUD that lets us set gravity to any level, even negative (in which case you float upwards).

IM me or drop me a notecard if you'd like copies of these gadgets.

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