Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Evil Clowns

Written 3 November, 2009

Evil Clowns

My RL friend Rena's grown son is frightened to death of clowns.

I can't blame him. Clowns are creepy. Especially when 20 or so clamber out of one of those tiny little cars!

There are some great evil clowns in SL, and someone should do a photo essay of them (hint hint, Melissa!).

To get around to the point of this blog, I got an IM from my friend Pam Havercamp the other day (just the week before we had been sitting around a table in RL, singing along with Bill Havercamp's guitar). Bill wanted me to see something he had been working on.

You must understand, Bill goes ALL OUT for Halloween. He opens a Halloween store and fills it with ghosts and goblins and cauldrons of blood and haunted houses and graveyards and spiders and witches. Then, on November 1, it all comes down and it's Christmastime in Havercampland.

So I was shocked to see Bill working on Halloween the day after.

It must be the evil clown got to him.

Here I am, captured by Bill's evil clown.

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