Tuesday, December 9, 2008

World's Ugliest Outfit?

Written 9 December, 2008

World's Ugliest Outfit?

Sweetie and I were at a yard sale when she exploded.

Or imploded, maybe.

Whatever, she wound up in a state of catatonia after seeing the above sign.

I'm not sure just what pushed her over the edge. The UFO hat maybe, or the poor seaming, or the Playboy lollipop/hubcap-on-a-stick. All I know is I had to rush off to Abranimations and buy the cave man carry so I could get her back to Whimsy.

Sweetie is recuperating nicely. She thanks her fans for the flowers and get-well cards. I'm watching what I'm wearing so I won't inadvertently cause a relapse. But at midnight, sometimes, while she's asleep, I secretly wear blingy shoes.

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