Friday, December 19, 2008

Land Ahoy!

Written 19 August, 2008

Land Ahoy!

Whimsy residents will be surprised to find a number of small islands off the sthores of Whimsy and Whimsy Kaboom.

No, Whimsical Mischief is not back.

No, strangers haven't slid a sim in next door.

No, they didn't just float here.

They're sculpted constructions by Rush Gastel, islands of small to moderate size, complete with palms (and, in one case, with a tiki sculpture). Thanks to clever construction, they hang (as does my scenic overlook) past the edge of the sim. And they don't cost much.

Since Whimsy and Whimsy Kaboom comprise an archipelago, Rush's islands are pefect; the palms and even the sand textures fit right in. (I only wish they were modifiable so I could cover them with snow during Whimsy's brief winter season).

I hung two islands on Whimsy and four on Kaboom; pics are above.

To buy the islands, go here.

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