Sunday, December 14, 2008

Building Again

Some of Chey's Christmas Ornaments. Sorry for the Poor Lighting

Chey's Christmas Bells Ended Her Dry Creative Streak

Sweetie's Christmas Ornaments in Early Stage of Construction.
Only Sweetie Could Turn a regular Floor Texture into an Art Nouveau Volcano Belching Smoke!

Sweetie Working on a Box to Hold Christmas Ornaments

Sweetie Made This Exquisite Goblet in No Time At aAll!

Written 11 December, 2008

Building Again

It’s no secret I’ve had a creative dry spell lately. For the past couple of months I’ve not built a single thing. Instead, I go in my spare time to the welcome areas and drop notecards full of tips on new citizens. Exciting!

I put the obligatory jack-o-lanterns down on Whimsy, but even Halloween didn’t pull me out of my slump. But when I returned home from vacation in early December, I started feeling jazzed. I could feel the creative energy growing.

On Sunday, standing beside Sweetie in the snow atop Robot Island, my dry spell ended.

Sweetie began making a Christmas ornament. Knowing she was going to be mentally in absentia, I idly rezzed a prim and began messing with it. Within 5 minutes I had created a credible Christmas bell. Soon I had a dozen variations.

I’m ba-aack!

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