Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Come, Come, To the Beautiful Mainland!

This was one tall mountain.
Otherwise, the sim was typical mainland.
Ugly, boring, stupid.

Much of the mainland looks like this. Brilliant, it's not.

This jewelry was expensive. I can't for the life of me imagine why.

Camping bots. The Lindens are criminals for allowing them.

Written 23 December, 2008

Come, Come, To the Beautiful Mainland!

What a fool I've been! All along there was this beautiful, alluring mainland, waiting for me, and I just refused to see it! How could I have been so blind!

So, without further adieu, here are some of Chey's random (I closed my eyes and teleported to somewhere on the map) mainland experiences.

Random Mainland Experience 1

Mhindepinde. Over ocean (Gulf of Lauren). Fly west toward land. Rail tracks (no train, of course), otherwise just empty land. Fly South to Grub Beach. Not allowed into destination (apparently even onto the sim). No sounds anywhere. Spooky.

Random Mainland Experience 2

Aqua. Aquafrolica Shopping Village. No build. Grrr! I hear an annoying racing car motor, which doesn't seem to be associated with any vehicle or any build on the sim. No other sounds. Cramped builds trap my campera. I walk across a causeway to a store called Avatar Central. Most of the stuff is crap, but I buy a carp windsock for $50L. A friend later tells me it's brilliant.

Random Mainland Experience 3

Barcola. I land near an oil refinery and assorted buildings. Roads. Jet engine sound. No jet. One parcel has a little Christmas train running over the prim noob guy. A real noob appears and is insulted by a newbie detector. And no thank you, I don't want to buy the zombie AO.

Random Mainland Experience 4

Plebeja. I land face to a vertical stretched terrain wall because some damfool lowered the land. I turn to my left and run into a goddamned red fence. Bastards. To my north is a hole in the ground where there must have once been a store. Jagged land. For sale signs and homesteads the next sim over. But eastward is a mountain with a building on it, and walkways. Very nicely done. A sign reads "Welcome to Plebeja. Simple offers you this free..." the rest of the sign is indecipherable because there are two textures competing. That, and the building is in the clouds. It's a REALLY high mountain. But the walkways are nice.

This is the tallest mountain I've ever seen-- 338 meters! All green. There's a house at the top and prim rock cliffs. Other houses range along the top and upper sides. Nothing exceptional except the size of this mountain, which must cover at least six sims. I hit the summit on the Arches sim at 365 meters.

I mistakenly land on the back side of the mountain, and the area is set to no fly. Grrrr! Bastards.

No sound anywhere.

Random Mainland Experience 5

Campanula. This time I jump to a cluster of green dots on the map. No people within 96 meters of my landing. I land facing a wall. I'm at 201 meters, in the clouds, trapped in a huge concrete box that spans a hundred or so meters on the face of the mountain (this just to provide a level place for a house). Guess I didn't jump far enough, am still on that big ass mountain!

Random Mainland Experience 6
Atropopos. I jump to a big bunch of green dots, but no one is around my landing area. Commercial area. Vehicles for sale.

No, wait, here come my Mystitool readings. 16 avis within 96 meters. I begin to hear vehicle sounds, but they're merely canned loops. There is the biggest sculpty monster truck I have ever seen.

I fly to the concentration of people, see 15 or more avatars, all of them caspered (clouds of gas). They're in a 10-meter circle, camping. They're bots; one even has Bot as part of its first name: SilverBot Ceriano.

The price of camping has gone down: $2 every 60 minutes! And now the bots are coming into focus; they're dancing.

Okay, one final try at the mainland...

Random Mainland Experience 7

Modest. I'll say. I land in a jewelry store. No surprise, it's snowing inside. It's snowing everywhere, as it's Christmas Eve eve. The jewelry is (no surprise) hideous.

What can I say??? I am SO impressed by this mainland!

/me makes retching sounds.

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