Friday, December 26, 2008

A Nice Christmas in Second Life

White Christmas at the House of 1000 Pleasures. Why the Blank Poseball?
Because Sweetie's Parents Were Visiting
And She Was Not Available for This Staged Recreation

Naughty Santa Girl Chey

Naughty Santa Girl Chey (Detail)

Written 26 December, 2008

A Nice Christmas in Second Life

The calendar just clicked to the 26th. Sweetie and I are cuddled up on a retexturized freebie kiss and cuddle chair at the House of 1000 Pleasures, watching Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye and Rosemary Clooney in Michael Curtiz' 1954 film White Christmas. We're wearing slightly slutty Santa Girl outfits. Well, perhaps mine is more slutty than Sweetie's. And besides, have you ever seen a Second Life Santa Girl outfit that wasn't slutty?

(Sweetie swears her Santa Girl outfit isn't slutty at all, just tastefully sexual.)

We had a big day in Second Life. First, we fiddled with a freebie antler set with attached Christmas lights. I added scripts to make the bulbs blink on and off and made the antlers jingle on touch, then moved some sections of antler that didn't quite connect. Sweetie applied texture to the bulbs and adjusted the texture density so the antlers looks more like antlers. While we were tweaking, many of our friends checked in to wish us a merry Christmas and thank us for the gifts we sent out last night.

Next we jumped to Maitreya so I could get Sweetie her Christmas Present-- five pairs (or was it four?) pairs of their great suede Dune boots.

Long ago I bought a fat pack of Dune boots, but since there are two fat packs now, each with desirable colors, it made sense for Sweetie to pick and choose. She choose boots in blue, red, black, and champagne. Since the boots are modifiable (and copyable!), and since Sweetie is a recolorizing wonder, she is set for boots.

We went next to Chambre de Chocolat, where Eshi Otawara has a new line of clothes for winter/spring (this is NOT a fashion blog!). (Eshi's last season's clothing is upstairs, priced beteen 20 and 70 percent off.) I bought her Christmas special, which is called Smokey Tux Christmas. It looks nothing whatsoever like a tux. Nor is it smokey. In fact, Sweetie told me the spreading skirts made me look like an upside-down flower.

Sad to say, she was right.

Ishi clearly makes clothing that follows her own vision, and I admire her for that. But this is not a fashion blog, so back to the day's adventures...

Along the way we chatted in IM with our fashionista friend Tozh Taurog. Tozh is another person who is true to herself-- and she knows where the bodies are buried in the SL couture business.

Sweetie and Tozh and I jumped to Red Queen, which sells deliciously sloppy Second Life Hair. We all bought hair. I mean, we NEEDED it!

(The Christmas shopping adventure will continue in the next fashion-packed installment of Chey's non-fashion blog).

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