Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Last-Minute Christmas Tweaking

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Presents We Made, More Presents We Made

Written 24 December, 2008

Last-Minute Christmas Tweaking

It's Christmas Eve. Both Sweetie and I got home from work early. We're doing what we should have done a week ago, getting our holiday package ready to send out to our friends. We're making boxes, filling them with ornaments, working cooperatively and occasionally mildly disagreeing about this or that. Friends drop by or IM. It's snowing gently, thanks to a script I put in the Christmas card we're working on.

My Sweetie is 850 miles away, by herself tonight, as am I, and yet we're together on this holiday. It's a little sad we're not together IRL tonight, but it's sweet and to a large extent satisfying to celebrate Christmas this way.

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