Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Ornaments

Bottom Photo: The Official 2008 Whimsy Ornament. It Takes Real Genius
To Turn an Ordinary Floor Texture into a Volcano Emitting Smoke 

Written 29 December, 2008

Christmas Decorations

I attribute my recent return to in-world creativity to Sweetie. When she started building a Christmas ornament, I, knew I she would be absorbed for a while, so I built a bell.

We gave Christmas packages to our friends. We packed an assortment inside a greeting card.

A lot of people didn’t realize the card was stuffed. If they had clicked it, it would have given them its contents—but they didn’t, even though the card included the words Click to Open.. My friend fly Paulse nearly went nuts trying to discover the source of the sudden snow (it was the card).


Second Life’s permissions system mandated the card come from either me or Sweetie. We went nearly nuts trying to work with the perms. We filled one of her great gift boxes (blog post forthcoming) with six of my ornaments, and six of hers, which she had given to me with full perms. Before I took the box, I was able to set it for purchase—but when I took it, it had become no transfer. We looked in every prim, but there were no hidden textures, objects, sound, or scripts to account for the box’s obstinacy. Grrr!

We finally worked things out. We sent out the card on Christmas day.

Here’s what we gave our closest friends:

* Three of my bells.

* An assortment of a dozen or so Christmas ornaments, some made by Sweetie, and some my own creations.

* The official 2008 Whimsy holiday ornament.
* A peppermint-striped holiday edition of my sweeping broom

All were packed inside Sweetie’s beautiful Victoria Noel boxes.

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