Friday, December 19, 2008

AngelMarie's Erotic Art

Written 19 December, 2008

AngelMarie's Exotic Art

My RL friend AngelMarie Baxton has been in world since 11 October, and she has been busy!

Angel is an extraordinary artist who specializes in erotic art-- the good kind. The kind Vargas used to do, and Olivia and a select few others still do. The sort of images that grace the pages of Playboy.

I've been telling Angel for years she should show her work to Playboy. Seeing her work on the walls of her store in Second Life, I'm impressed all over again. Angel is GOOD!

I'm impressed that a friend who has been active in world for only a month (she was rarely online her first weeks) has grown so much as a Second Life citizen. Especially since she consistently refuses to RTFM!*

Girl is going places.

* IM me if you want an explanation of the acronym.

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