Monday, December 29, 2008

SL is Borked!

Written 29 December, 2008

SL is Borked!

For the past 24 hours changes I've made to prims have happily reversed themselves.

I stretch a prim. It snaps back into a happy cube.

I save a script in an object. It reverts happily back to its former version.

I have to delete prims several times, and I have to right clicks on objects and avatars several times to get the pie menu to open. Profiles take a long time to load.

The Lindens have been busily changing server versions; for the past week and more I've been chased by rolling restarts and there seem to be different simulator versions on every sim.

I know the problems are server-based, because the happen no matter what viewer I use.

Hey, Lindens, take that extra $20 you'll be extorting-- I mean getting from me for my openspace next month and use it to hire Nicholaz Beresford or someone else who knows WTF they're doing!

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