Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Written 10 December, 2008


I first knew there was a problem when an otherwise attractive avatar at a club sat at a table for 15 minutes with big black blobs obscuring her eyes.

They were, of course, sculpted eyelashes. It was all I could do not to rush over and say “There, there, don’t cry. It will be all right!” Thank goodness, the lashes resolved before I did.

Sculpted prims are useful in some cases—in particular when you’re unable to torture regular prims into that special shape you’re after, or when one sculpty will replace a dozen or more regular prims—but in my opinion, sculpties are overused. I may be the only avatar on the grid who is unimpressed by the sculpty-heavy Rezzable builds.

Oops! Going off topic!

I’ve no idea why the very thought of Rezzables send me into a berserker rage. Maybe seeing the Greenies subconsciously reminded me of the time I was abducted by the greys.

The things they did to me!

Sculpties have been huge in the avatar enhancement industry—but if you look at the photo above, you’ll see why vain people might not want to wear them in texture-heavy areas like stores.

I was four meters away from that avatar, and after 30 minutes he or she (I was unable to tell the gender from visuals and the name was androgynous), hadn’t resolved, even with my 512 mb 80000 series nVidia card cranked down to 64 meters draw distance.

Sweetie and I were at Ella Tiramisu Designs, thanks to a tip from our friend Greg Paslong. There was a sale, so more than a dozen avatars were present, and there were hundreds of signs for hair, shoes, and clothes. Still, everything eventually resolved.

All but the avie in question.

Not that I’m vain—far from it. Just ask Sweetie. But I would be horrified to think I was in a place for more than 30 minutes with other avatars unable to admire me and comment on my good taste in clothes, skin, shoes, and hair. Oh, the horror! The horror!

Better to leave a sculpty or two at home so I can be viewed in all my regular prim glory!

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